Stoic Practice: Live Essentially

“If you seek tranquility, do less. Or (more accurately) do what’s essential. Do less, better. Because most of what we do or say is not essential. If you can eliminate it, you’ll have more tranquility. But to eliminate the necessary actions, we need to eliminate unnecessary assumptions as well.”

— Marcus Aurelius, Book 4, Meditations.

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Give your body what it needs: healthy food, shelter, water, clothes. Be compassionate toward yourself. It’s not a selfish act to manage the quality of your life.

Don’t put on shows of extravagance. It’s not necessary to buy expensive clothes or parade yourself around as all-important.

Understand what you essentially need instead of what you crave.

Disregard displays of importance that only bolster your image. Why do you seek external validation that you cannot control, trusting the opinions of others more than yourself?

Look at the purity behind your motives.

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