Stoic Practice: Confront Yourself

Examine an event and observe your honest reactions to it. Death, for example, is neither a good nor bad occurrence. All creatures will die, whether they are young or old, healthy or unhealthy. While you cannot control your demise, your can think a million ways about it, confronting its truth or not.

Your attitudes toward death, an uncontrollable end, may cause you to suffer. Scrutinize your opinions about such an event. See what is valid and invalid. How will your views help you to flourish? If your ideas do nothing for truth or your well-being, why concern yourself with them? You waste so many moments dwelling on what you cannot change, dreading what will come. In the meantime, you neglect the power of your attitude, your actions, in the moment.




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Bremer Acosta

Bremer Acosta

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