One Strategy to Eliminate Worry

Whenever you encounter a situation that causes you to worry, collect all the facts as if those facts were for someone else and not you. By imagining someone that you don’t know, you are distancing yourself from your personal biases and will feel freer to think clearly about what is true and what is false.

The facts that you collect should come from multiple sources or perspectives, rather than from only the perspectives that you favor.

Try to argue against your viewpoint as much as support it. Other perspectives than your own can help you to avoid dogmatic extremes.

Write down those facts. Writing helps you to solidify your thinking in a logical, linear manner. You can sort out what matters from all the confusion in your mind.

When you have developed a solid plan in writing, then act immediately to complete your plan.

Any thoughts about things outside of your control should not concern you. They are non-essential drains on your energy, time, and wellbeing.

All that matters is what you can do and how you can improve your plan overtime to become more effective. Taking small, practical steps can lead to great change after a while.

Instead of thinking about the outcomes of your plan, or dwelling on your mistakes and past failures, do what you can do in each moment. That might even include taking a break to regain your composure.

Focus on the present and do what is in your power and everything will take care of itself. Even if you do not finish what you set out to do, you can still achieve more from calming yourself down into a clear space, then acting with realistic purpose.




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Bremer Acosta

Bremer Acosta

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